UK National Hoarding Awareness Week

22 May 2019

This week is UK National Hoarding Awareness Week. A week of awareness that gives us the chance to make the Hoarding Disorder more well-known and understood within our local communities.

National Hoarding Awareness week was originally started by the Chief Fire Officers Association in 2014 and launched at the houses of Parliament.

Hoarding is a very misunderstood condition which can be approached wrongly without awareness of how it manifests itself and how to talk to people who have these issues. Commonly mistaken as purely about collecting items and causing clutter; it is actually a mental health issue that is normally caused by some kind of trauma. If left untreated it can lead to more risks such as fire safety within the home as items build up, rodent problems, environmental impact, community issues and problems with neighbours as well as the ongoing mental issues that have been untreated.

What are Cornerstone doing?

Our tenancy review process now has a more holistic approach which allows us to engage with more tenants and spend more time with them. Our housing team staff have undertaken training on mental health first aid and hoarding awareness so they understand the need to address the underlying causes of the hoarding and how to help tenants with signposting and referrals for additional support. We understand there is no simple solution, but we will work with tenants to ultimately de-clutter their homes, maintain their tenancies and encourage them to achieve their aspirations.

Where can I find more help and advice?

Your local doctors surgery are able to help and support you. Download this Hoarding Ice-breaker form and take it with you as a first step.

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