Tenancy Information

Get involved

We recognise the importance of our tenants’ views and believe they are essential in our decision making process. We seek to ensure our services are open, transparent and available for tenant scrutiny.

Tenant involvement is an opportunity for you to interact with us in an open and direct way – you can a real say in the way that your homes and neighbourhoods are managed.

Here are some ways you can become involved:

Become a Performance Panel member

Our Performance Panel is made up of tenant volunteers who together as a group independently review the different areas of service we provide. Meetings are held at 5pm on the first Wednesday of every month, at our Western Way offices.

Become an ‘Email Eagle’

If you can’t attend frequent meetings as a Panel member but would still like to be involved reviewing the services we provide then this could be another option for you.

Ahead of the monthly meetings, documents are sent via email to our Email Eagles, so they can give their feedback on that service area. Their suggestions are then brought to the Panel at the next meeting.


You can download our Tenant Involvement Strategy here. If you would like to become involved, or have any suggestions, please do get in touch.