Tenancy Information

Ending my tenancy

You may terminate your tenancy at any time by giving us one calendar months’ notice in writing if you are an Assured tenant or four weeks’ notice if you are a Secure tenant. This will take effect from when the notice is received and not from the date on the notice.

We will confirm in writing the date that your tenancy will end and if there are any monies that you owe up to this date.

Before you move out your home will be inspected to check if any work needs to be done before it can be re-let. We will advise you of what needs doing before you vacate. We will also inspect after you have moved out to ensure that the property has been left in a clean and satisfactory condition.

You will be charged for any work that is necessary, excluding fair wear and tear. Chargeable work includes the removal of any possessions or rubbish left in the property or garden and repairing damage to fixtures or fittings or in the property.

All the keys to the property must be returned to the office by noon on the day that your tenancy ends, unless other arrangements have been made with our staff.

For more information on leaving your home and expected property condition, click here to read the Your Guide to Moving Out.