Service Information

We aim to provide a friendly, efficient and responsive repair service to tenants by using our own in-house repairs and maintenance team.

This section provides information on our repair service. If you have any further questions about our repair service, please see your Tenant Handbook.


What if I’m out when the repairs team visit?

If you are out when we call, we will leave a card for you to arrange another visit. If you do not acknowledge this, we will assume the repair is no longer needed and cancel the job.

How quickly will my repair be completed?

We receive a wide variety of requests for repairs every day and some are more urgent than others. To make sure that urgent jobs are dealt with first, each job is given a priority code. The priority code sets out the target time for completion of the work.

The four repairs categories are listed below:

  • Category 1 (Emergency Repairs) – emergency work to be carried out within 24 hours, such as major water leaks, gas leaks or complete break down of central heating during the winter season.
  • Category 2 (Urgent Repairs) – work to be dealt with within 5 working days, such as minor electrical defects, partial loss of electrical power or partial loss of water supply.
  • Category 3 (Routine Repairs) – routine work to carried out within 4 weeks, such as defective roof tiles or damp penetration.
  • Category 4 (Non Priority Repairs) – to be carried out within 3 months, such as fencing.

For further details on what response times you can expect , please see your Tenants Handbook.

We make every effort to complete repairs within target times. We hope you will understand, however, that in a small number of cases it may not be possible to complete a repair within the target time, for example where a spare part is not available or in extreme weather.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the standard of service you received on a repair, please do let us know.

Will I be charged for a repair?

We do not charge for repairs resulting from fair wear and tear or defective materials. Repairs arising due to damage caused by negligence or misuse, however, will be charged.

How often can I expect a gas safety check?

We have a statutory obligation to check all gas pipework and appliances under our ownership on an annual basis. For your own safety it is essential that we carry out this work.

If an appointment has been made to carry out a gas safety check and you are not at home when we call, you will be charged £30 for a missed appointment.

Please note that failure to allow us access inside the property will result in legal proceedings to gain entry and you will be liable for any costs associated with such action.