Let’s fix the housing crisis!

29 November 2019

We have all come together at Cornerstone to show our support for the National Housing Federations lets fix the housing crisis campaign & you can’t have a campaign without a campaign board!

During this general election period we are making sure that calls for more social housing are heard – and that housing associations are seen as the key partners to deliver it.

Housing is one of the most pressing domestic political issues and we saw it fit to support such a worthy campaign during this time to ensure that the new government understand and support the crucial need for them to work with us.

Housing associations are supporting residents, acting as community anchors and are a vital part of the solution to fix the housing crisis. Housing associations are imperative to not only our local area here, in and around Exeter, but in providing suitable housing opportunities for everyone which contributes to the success of the entire country.

We’re calling for the next government to work with us to fix the housing crisis for good, by committing to these five housing priorities:

1. Build new social housing
2. Make sure everyone can feel safe in their home
3. Invest in places to bring the country together
4. Deliver a new deal for social housing with residents at the heart
5. Develop a fair and effective support and welfare system

If you’d like to read more please head to https://www.housing.org.uk/get-involved/promoting-our-sector/general-election-2019/

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