Latest Coronavirus Update

18 March 2020

Thank you for your understanding as we carry on delivering essential services in difficult circumstances during Coronavirus outbreak.  The most important thing to us is protect the safety and health of our customers and our staff team.

We are following government guidelines on minimising contact between people. We are still working by phone as normal, but our office at Cornerstone House, Exeter is now closed to all visitors.


For a short period, we are changing the way we carry out some repairs:

  • all emergency repairs will be carried out as normal
  • all safety repairs and checks will be carried out as normal
  • all repairs outside homes will be carried out as normal.

However, we will not be carrying out repairs inside homes, except for emergencies or about safety issues. This is for a short period of time, while we get advice on how we can keep you safe and our staff safe while working inside your home.

You should report all emergency or safety repairs by calling 01392 424344

You can report non-urgent repairs outside your home:

  • by texting 07491 163432 (start your message with Repair).
  • on our website
  • by emailing
  • by calling 01392 424344

For non-urgent repairs inside your home, please take a look at our self- help guides on our website to see if these help. You can find these at or by going to Google and searching for ‘Cornerstone self help’.

Housing and Rents

For neighbourhood, tenancy and other general housing queries please:

  • email us on
  • text us 07491 163432
  • or telephone the main office on 01392 273462 if it is urgent.

If you have concerns about paying your rent as a result of the virus there is specific advice on from the Department for Work and Pension which can be found here.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.

There is further information below on how we can help keep each other safe if we are visiting to do safety checks or emergency repairs.


Guidance for when we visit for essential health and safety checks and emergency repairs re:Covid-19 virus & health & safety checks

 We carry out annual gas safety checks because we are committed to the safety of our customers, and because it is the law.

We also carry out electrical checks on your home to ensure it is safe.

 We understand that people are concerned for their safety for their families. We want to work with you to complete these safety checks in a way that is safe for everyone.

 What if I already have an appointment?

 If you already have an appointment for a gas or electrical safety check, we ask that you still provide access for us to complete this.

We are trying to carry out as many checks as we can in advance, so an engineer may contact you if they are in your area. They may ask if it is convenient to visit for a safety check if you are home and it is convenient.

 What if I am self-isolating?

 We ask that if you are self-isolating that you let us know so that we can complete the visit with extra precautions. Our operatives will:

  • wear disposable gloves whilst in your home.
  • when they have finished, clean the area using disposable wipes/blue roll and place these in a bin bag. After they leave your home, their gloves will also go in the bin bag and it will then all be disposed of by the operative.
  • if felt necessary, have a face mask available to wear and disposable overalls.

You will not have to sign to confirm the work is completed.

 How can I help?

 Customers can help by considering ways to help us complete these essential checks. This could include;

  • opening the door for an operative and then staying in another room whilst the safety check is completed.
  • allowing access to the operative and waiting outside whilst it is completed or going for a short walk around the block whilst the safety check is completed.
  • ensuring areas are clear so the operative can access the required areas easily and quickly so we are not delayed and are only in the property as long as we need to be.

Please contact us if you have individual difficulties and are affected by the current situation. Cornerstone works with lots of older and vulnerable customers. By working together at this difficult time we can help to keep everyone safe.  Thank you!

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