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Mutual exchange

Any person who is a tenant of a local authority or housing association may apply to swap homes with another social housing tenant (subject to landlord approval). This is called ‘mutual exchange’.

You will need to find a tenant to swap homes with. This can be done in many ways.

The simplest way to arrange a mutual exchange is via Homeswapper. Homeswapper is a matching service which enables tenants to find other tenants interested in mutual exchange. This service is free of charge to all our tenants. Visit to register and complete the application form.

Once you have agreed a mutual exchange in principle with the other interested tenant, you should put your initial request to us: either verbally or in writing. You should state the name, address and landlord of the person with whom the exchange is required. Both parties will then be sent an application form.

The process may take up to six weeks and it is important that you do not take any positive action concerning the exchange until you receive written confirmation from both us and the other landlord.

We will not unreasonably refuse an exchange and have to give a decision whether the exchange can proceed within 42 days (six weeks) of the request being made.

If we refuse an exchange, the reason why will be explained to our tenant in writing.